About The Lady Musgrave Trust

The Lady Musgrave Trust is Queensland’s oldest charity and a champion for homeless young women.

Established in 1885, this year The Trust celebrates 132 years of service to more than 10,000 vulnerable women and their children.

The Trust was established by a group of community-minded people, under the leadership of Lady Jeanie Lucinda Musgrave, wife of the then Governor of Queensland. The Governor of Queensland has been the patron of The Trust ever since.
In 2015, The Trust celebrated 130 years of service to more than 10,000 at risk and disadvantaged members of society up to the age of 30 who are facing critical homeless situations as a result of domestic violence, family breakdown, banishment due to pregnancy and other complex issues.

Our goal is to break the cycle of homelessness so that at risk and disadvantaged members of society can look forward to a brighter and safer future.

We collaborate with the homelessness sector in Queensland by leading a number of initiatives that ultimately assist thousands of women a year.

Donations to The Lady Musgrave Trust assist in acquiring new, and maintaining current, accommodation and in providing other vital support services. A small donation can go a long way in helping a young woman rebuild her life, providing her with the fresh start she needs. Individual and corporate donations are encouraged. Donations to the Trust are tax deductible.

  • $15 shelters a woman for a day
  • $35 shelters a woman for a night
  • $70 shelters a woman for two nights
  • $250 shelters a woman for a week

To donate, please visit www.ladymusgravetrust.org.au